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The entire nation is changing from manual to digital systems, so it is high time that we produced quality graduates to meet national as well as global demand. Realizing this, Daffodil International University opened the Department of Computing and Information System (CIS) in 2002. DIU has made a quality moderation agreement with Cardiff Metropolitan University (CMU), UK. As per that agreement CMU will moderate assignment, midterm and final exam questions. On the basis of these, CIS graduates will get an additional quality moderation recommendation letter from Cardiff Metropolitan University (CMU), UK, along with a DIU Bachelor’s degree. 

The objective of CIS is to create knowledgeable, efficient and skilled IT graduates who are able to make themselves competent to work not only with IT industries at home but also with technological giants anywhere in the world. Now in its sixteenth year of operation, CIS and its faculty have been serving the country by providing a proper space for undergraduates and professionals to develop their talents individually and as a team.

Why you should study Computing and Information System (CIS) at DIU

  • Quality moderated by Cardiff Metropolitan University(CMU),UK
  • Eduloan facilities for financially insolvent students.
  • Cooperative Education (CO-OP) program combines academic studies with work experience. Students receive hands-on experience in their chosen field of study and able to earn study cost.
  • The Bachelor of CIS is designed in such a way that it will enhance your analytical and problem-solving skills and you can pursue further studies and become a leader in your field.
  • The course has been tailored in consultation with representatives from leading IT organizations, ensuring your graduation with an industry-relevant degree.
  • The University has an international focus and strong links with alumni and the IT community to ensure its teaching is relevant and valuable to the industry.


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