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1. Who can apply for this loan?
Any financially disadvantaged candidate with a minimum GPA 4.00 in HSC or the equivalent and with all other minimum requirements (where applicable) will be able to apply for Eduloan at DIU.
2. How do I apply for a loan?
You can apply for the loan using the form which is available in the Admission Office as well as on the DIU website.
3. When should I apply for my loan and how long will it take to process?
You should apply for the loan at the time of admission. You will be notified about the decision within a week.
4. How much is the loan?
The maximum loan amount is 100% of the tuition fee.
5. Can I apply for a scholarship, if I take a loan?
Yes, you can.
6. Do I have to pay any interest on the amount of my loan?
7. What is a guarantor?
A guarantor is a person responsible to repay the loan in case you cannot.
8. Who can be my guarantor?
Your father, mother, sibling or any close blood relative.
9. What academic standards must I maintain at DIU for the loan facility to continue?
A minimum CGPA of 3.00 overall in any academic year and 90% attendance rate.
10. What happens if I fail to make satisfactory academic progress?
Loan facilities may be cancelled or reevaluated.
11.What are my repayment options?

Total Credit Amount Repayment Options
BDT 3,92,300/= 84 Months 72 Months 60 Months 48 Months
BDT 4670/= per month BDT 5449/= per month BDT 6538/= per month BDT 8173/= per month

12. What happens if I miss a repayment installment?
If you miss one installment you can give that along with the next month’s installment. If you miss two, a fine of Tk 3,000 must be paid. If you miss three or more installments, action will be taken.
13. Can I change my repayment options later?
You may apply for a change. But the repayment must be made within 7 years of the date of admission.
14. How can I find out how much I still owe?
You can communicate with the Accounts Section.
15. What happens if I discontinue or withdraw from the University?
You have to inform us formally. Management will take decisions on a case by case basis.
16. I'm halfway through the semester and I haven't applied for a student loan. Can I still apply?
Yes, you can apply.
17. What are the causes of cancellation of a loan facility?
If your academic progress is not satisfactory as per University rules or you are involved in misconduct against DIU or Bangladesh, the loan will be cancelled.

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